About Wellness Garden Medicinals CBD

If you are using CBD as an alternative to synthetic pharmaceuticals, why would you accept anything other than all-natural? At Wellness Garden Medicinals, we believe that the healing power of herbs should be combined with natural CBD without any added synthetic ingredients.

 Our story

 We’re not just any CBD company. Like you, we began our journey searching for the best CBD products for our family. We searched far and wide for products made with the purist CBD combined with all-natural ingredients to relieve pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety, and insomnia. Read our blog for more information on how CBD can help with these conditions.

 Unable to find any, we decided to make our own. We received such positive feedback from our friends and family that we were encouraged to share our products with more people, and that’s how Wellness Garden Medicinals was born.


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 Who we serve

 Our customers understand the healing power of plants. They desire products that harness nature’s diverse pharmacopeia to relieve their conditions before resorting to synthetic drugs. They appreciate the lost art of herbal healing. Further, they want to limit their body’s exposure to toxic and unnecessary ingredients found in the vast majority of health and wellness products today.

 What we do

 We create products starting with premium CBD which was CO2 extracted from U.S. grown hemp, and add essential oils and herbal extracts specially selected to complement the effects of CBD. Visit our products page for a full list and explanation of ingredients.

 All of our products are 3rd-party lab tested to ensure they are safe and healthy for you and your family to use and are free of synthetic chemicals, plastics, solvents, added fragrances, preservatives, fillers, and stabilizers.

Wellness Garden Medicinals CBD Topical Salve for Anxiety and Pain Relief

The team

 Our team consists of people with a broad range of expertise in cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, and dispensing; medicine; business and finance; and herbal healing. Many of our employees are family members, which helps keep our business decisions oriented towards long-term quality and value over short-term profit. If you are interested in a career at Wellness Garden Medicinals, contact us.

What’s next

 Product development is the most exciting aspect of this business, and we are always thinking about what to offer next. Keep checking back with us for updates on our product offerings by signing up for our newsletter. Do you have a specific request for a new product? Let us know.